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Frequently Asked Questions

how to get a Graphic design service?
  • Choose your gig at FIVERR – You choose your type of gig that fits your needs best (flyer/poster/postcard/banner etc.)

• Content/Images – Send all the required details, including the content ( and any images).

• Preferences/What kind or type or styles you would like – If you have any preferences regarding color, text, layout, etc. Or samples you love, I’m happy to keep that in mind.

• First Draft – I will send you the initial design for your examination.

• Anything to change? Ask me for it. I’ll do the necessary revisions.

• Final Delivery – Once the design is approved, I’ll prepare the final files to deliver you the best possible work.


Are you available anytime?

I always try to spend time with works. So sometimes I might not be available for an hour. But I will respond to you as soon as possible.  

i want a custom service (eg: graphics, web design, seo or other) hOW do i get it?

E-mail or Message me on social media. The fastest way is to use my websites Live Chat option.

If i dont like your work. what will you do?

It’s commonly rare that you don’t like my designs or service. Because I solely try my best to offer a perfect service. But If you don’t, you will get a full refund for the service you paid for.

In which market places do you work?

I currently work on just FIVERR. But in future, I wish to work in Upwork, Peopleperhour and more.

My Fiverr Profile link :

Are you enough experienced to do graphics and web related works?

I believe I can do anything If I wish to do it. I’ve done more than nine projects + pending many. Sometimes I have to some works that I have not done previously, but my clients were more than satisfied with that. So Even I stuck on something, I have enough willpower and real skill to outcome any problem.

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